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Your Contributions at Work for Good!

Projects always take longer than you think they will. Our primary purpose is supporting the young people through projects that give ongoing benefit to the program. The team is busy with the things that keep the young people safe and fed, learning English and life skills to move forward, and advancing their asylum and future prospects. Anything we can do to improve little bits of daily life for all of them while they're at Velos is a good thing. Additionally, all the projects we're undertaking are funded by our friends and family. You have contributed everywhere from $20 to $500 and that cash has paid for everything from sandpaper and paint, wood and IKEA bookshelves, to art supplies and art supplies and artist led workshops with our friend Eloise. We've purchased tools and equipment that will be able to stay and support future projects. Some of you donated through Humanity Now for this project (including one incredibly generous $1,000 donation) and we're about ready to tap into those funds, too.

If you see it in these blog pages, your contribution has made it possible.

Painting the doors and trim seemed to take forever, but the result has been a brighter and happier space.

The latest project is building bench #1 for the terrace and installing a visual barrier to the abandoned-looking terrace next door.


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