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…Young People to the Rescue!

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

It was a great day when Erfan said, "Let me help you." Numerous " kids" then joined in to help Marc, Sedighe ( far right) and me paint. It was a breakthrough as we began having real interactions and began building relationships where they are willing to practice their English. Marc is a champion at getting kids talking because he is, well... Marc! I'm a little more reserved at first, but there's nothing like bonding over the oops of spilled paint to break the ice. Yes, idioms are conversation starters!

Sedeghe was a refugee and now works at Velos while studying for university. Because he is staff and we have permission, we can show his face. For many of the young people, showing their faces could be dangerous for them or jeopardize the asylum process. Almost all are unaccompanied minors and being recognized could have consequences for family, if they still have some, in their home countries. It's complex.

Painters came from Afghanistan, Cameroon, Iran, Pakistan and Mali. All agreed that the centre now looks happier.


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